Rental vehicles & tours

Why it is worth booking directly

We know how important a "great start" is for every trip. Top prices for direct bookings in advance. If you book your rental vehicles directly through Isaan Perazim Park, you can be sure that you will not find a better price for a rental vehicle with someone else.


Day : 200 THB

Weekly price discount : 1’000 THB

Long term rentals / monthly : 3’500 THB


Day : 800 THB

Weekly price discount : 5’000 THB

Long term rentals / monthly : 16’000 THB

Rental conditions

  • Only for guests who have a stay at Isaan Perazim Park.
  • Present a valid driver’s license and an ID card or passport.
  • Fuel costs are borne by the renter.
  • The rental vehicle must be returned with a full tank.


We are happy to help you organize activities or various tours that you would like to enjoy, with or without an escort.

  • Bike tour
  • National park tour
  • Attractions in the area
  • Visa service